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DayZ Mod 1.8.9 (WIP) - Vorläufiger Changelog
« am: Montag, 06.Mär 2017 - 01:18 Uhr »
DayZ Mod 1.8.9 (WIP)
Vorläufiger Changelog, kein bekanntes Veröffentlichungsdatum

  • Added, Giving splints to another person now grants humanity. (25)
  • Added, All player names are now the same color in the lobby regardless of status.
  • Added, Streamer mode is toggleable by player in game options. Enabled hides server logo and rules feed.
  • Added, Military flashlight attachments
  • Added, Map markers are now automatically tagged with the name of the player who placed them.
  • Updated, AI chase LOS updated by one sec.
  • Updated, New Ai node if the agent dies during chase.
  • Updated, Bat damage increased to crowbar level. Nailed and barbed bats increased to the same as hatchet.
  • Updated, Inventory and Hitpoints retrieval no longer using format (due to the 2048 characters limit),
  • Should fix big inventory's like the ural.
  • Updated, Changed tool break chances for harvesting from 4% per run to 9%.
  • Updated, infectious Waterholes are now chosen by the server and spawned local to each client.
  • Updated, Hold breath is now blocked if more than one control is assigned to it at once.
  • Updated, Turbo is now blocked on foot. Players are prevented from assigning any control to it.
  • Updated, Renamed DZ_Czech_Vest_Puch --> DZ_Czech_Vest_Pouch
  • Updated, Rolling messages now use cutRsc instead cutText.
  • Updated, AI Movement systems (no longer move while in attack range,No longer keeps running position updates while loitering)
  • Updated, Reverted pain effect to old violent shaking instead of subtle gun sway.
  • Updated, Spawn as seagull due to 144 west groups being exceeded should occur less often now.
  • Updated, Flies now spawn ten minutes after death instead of right away.
  • Updated, Increased head shot damage for normal hits (non-zombie and non-melee)
  • Updated, Slightly increased damage from vehicle run over
  • Updated, Renamed r_action_count --> dayz_actionInProgress (now true/false instead of 1/0)
  • Fixed, Spamming sleep at tent no longer runs under some circumstances.
  • Fixed, Melee weapon ammo being removed after certain actions.
  • Fixed, Classic nutrition values regenerate blood again.
  • Fixed, Removed nutrition hit for pushing a plane.
  • Fixed, Maintenance action should now disappear after maintaining a fence.
  • Fixed, Tranquilizer bolt will now knock players out as it should.
  • Fixed, Removing traps not returning anything to the player and throwing script errors on the server.
  • Fixed, No damage from tripwire grenade trap.
  • Fixed, Vehicles appearing to repair when taking first damage from a fully repaired state
  • Fixed, Antibiotics not reducing when given to another player, also giving antibiotics to another player no longer removes infection from the player giving the antibiotics.
  • Fixed, Players no longer get the option to give bloodbag to a player with full blood.
  • Fixed, Several errors with loading and unloading unconscious players from vehicles.
  • Fixed, Animals sometimes being deleted right next to players.
  • Fixed, Field hospital tent misplaced behind Cherno factory.
  • Fixed, Floating loot.
  • Fixed, Flies occasionally spawning where player logs out.
  • Fixed, Giving Painkillers to another player no longer removes inpain from the player giving the painkillers.
  • Fixed, WoodenArrowF and some other weapon holder objects catching fire when destroyed.
  • Fixed, Arrows stuck floating in air when shot near same position on wall multiple times.
  • Fixed, Damage log not showing in server RPT when player is shot with a vehicle weapon.
  • Fixed, issue with decaying fences from WoodenFence_1_frame to WoodenFence_1_foundation.
  • Fixed, issue with some base objects being damage above 1 and never cleaned up.
  • Fixed, If a player force kills their game immediately after dying their body will no longer disappear.
  • Fixed, Player_craftItem not exiting when action is already in progress.
  • Fixed, Players can no longer pack a tent while sleeping.
  • Fixed, Players can no longer walk under water at Topolka Dam.
  • Fixed, Panic sounds will no longer overlap when the player is attacked by zombies while low blood.
  • Fixed, Melee weapons will no longer be eaten when attempting to add them to a full toolbelt.
  • Fixed, Sky on fire bug again with updated Core Patch BIS_Effects thanks to Sa-Matra.
  • Fixed, When a land vehicle explodes the driver and all passengers are now ejected.
  • Fixed, When a helicopter or plane explodes the pilot and all passengers are now ejected and killed.
  • Fixed, ACOG works correctly on the G36C now.
  • Fixed, Combining M24 or 2Rnd shotgun ammo can no longer be abused to dupe mags.
  • Fixed, G36C ACOG attachment
  • Removed, WireFence Due to issues with some players and graphic glitches this item has been removed.
  • Removed, Trains POI for now and added NWAF tent camp POI.
(QF1) Released
  • Fixed, Players being ejected from vehicles when changing to hero or bandit
(QF2) Released
  • Fixed, Player and vehicle not taking physics damage from crashing
  • Fixed, Driver will not get a humanity hit for damaging passengers in a vehicle crash
  • Updated, Breakin chance of tools breaking
(QF3) Released
  • Fixed, Confirmed Kills limited to one time use
  • Fixed, Confirmed Kills now displays kills correctly
  • Fixed, Player name and cause of death occasionally showing "unknown" on study body when they shouldn't.
  • Fixed, Hit processing running twice when it shouldn't causing legs to break more quickly when hit.
  • Updated, Humanity from Death/Damage reset back to 1.8.6 (Death, nKills * 33.3%, Damage, nKills*3.33%)
(QF4) Released
  • Fixed, Maintenance action should now disappear after maintaining a fence.
  • Fixed, Maintenance PVS to replace object causing an error.
(QF5) Released
  • Updated, Fence damage lowered to 1 c4 from 2.
  • Updated, Gate Breakin chances by double from .04 to .08
  • Updated, Gate breakin tool chance divided by 2 from 30% for sledge to 15%, and from 20% crowbar to 10%
  • Fixed, Maintenance action should now disappear after maintaining a fence.
(QF6) Released
  • Reverted, Gate Breakin chances .04 From QF5
  • Reverted, Gate breakin tool chance to 30% for sledge and 20% for crowbar from QF5
  • Added, Player now plays an animation during change clothes
(QF7) Released
  • Reverted, Player now plays an animation during change clothes from QF6 Test
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