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[3RR1] PVP Overpoch |GroupManagement|Tanks|Warhelis
« am: Montag, 04.Apr 2016 - 13:12 Uhr »
Hallo gamer Freunde

Ich möchte hier kurz unseren Arma2 DayZ Overpoch Server vorstellen.
Der Server besteht schon seit 2 Monaten und einige Bases sind schon vorhanden.
Zudem ist der Server auf PVP ausgelegt und hat ein High Loot Skript am laufen so
dass man sehr schnell an Gold kommt. Bitte verzeiht es mir dass ich den rest auf Englisch

Installed skripts:
Spawn select over the whole map
Model select with different weapons
Group Management over radio
A lot of extra buildings at Airfields and the whole map
WAI mission skript extra hard with rocket launchers
DZMS mission skript
Advanced trading
Snap pro with Vector building
Lift & tow skript
3000 meter view for long range sniping
Self bloodbag over gear
Craft bycicle
Refuel repair and reammo of vehicles
A lot of tanks and warhelis buyable at hero or bandit trader

no grass for all

Umikron, Slou and Pala

Baseraiding allowed.  But only if th owner is online and at his base.
No destroying or damaging locked vehicles.
Every vehicle will be deleted at Safezones if the owner not online.
Locked vehicles on the map witch dont used will be deleted by an admin.
Bugusing, glitching or hacking will result in a permanent Ban!
Base building is not allowed at cities, high loot spawns or with direct view to safe zones.
Everyone who will damage locked vehicles or destroy it will be kicked or banned for 24  hours.
What the admin say is the rule....Don´t mess up with him.
Humanity farming with a friend is not allowed.
First break of a Rule will result in an instant kick.
Secon break result in a 24 hour ban.
Third break result in a 7 day ban.
Every further break of a rule will result in a permanent ban.

Special rules:
No instand help by the admins
If something wrong ask first the other player
Only ask for Admin if something is really wrong
The Admin desides to help or not

Server Data:

Ich freu mich auf neue Spieler und wünsch ihnen auf unserem Server viel Glück.

Danke fürs durchlesen.