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DayZDecay is back! DayZMod! with professional Launcher.
« am: Freitag, 22.Jul 2016 - 19:56 Uhr »
DayZDecay Intro >

Hello my name is Jason. Myself and a few friends started a project some months ago to make a new, smooth hardcore-survival mod. Our mod is mainly based around PVP and survival. We have focused on many aspects of the mod from PVP to Survival - today we can finally launch it! We are a europe based foundation and we are looking forward to grow, cooperating with community's like We balanced the gameplay for weapons, vehicles and skins. DayZDecay is based on the 1.8.3 patch, removing and adding some additional changes. The mod offers a whole new experience to Day. We got an active development-team and outstanding skilled players. I will provide a list with the most important features of the mod - But better experience DayZDecay yourself. Join now and have fun, but be aware - you're not the only one up north ;).

DayZDecay Features >

We lowered the grass textures for a balanced gameplay - so everyone sees what the enemy sees.
Animated Heli-crashsites that have the right loot depending on the choppers' country.
Hidden Objects. (Inside supermarkets / Houses / ATC / Fake Barracks) - You can search items and possibly find loot!
Balanced loot-tables and replaced weapons with overworked/new weapons.
Temperature system re-done (We have removed the icon but left the system so you will need fires/heatpacks to keep up your temperature) [Note] there are 3 stages of cold and you * will hear a sound for each one of them- be careful - players around you can also hear this!
New Skins
Anti-Combatlog system: Combatloggers will now stay in game as a bot with all their gear if they press alt-f4!
80% of the buildings are enterable now. Loot spawns inside them - amazing for indoor survival/pvp.
New Tents/Storage box. New Animals (Including Wolfs and new Birds)
New Vehicles.

DayZDecay Rules >

Hacking/Cheating - Perma-Ban
Duping/Glitching - Warning or ban, depending on severity.
Combat Logging - 7 Day ban if you do it again a perma-ban
Stream Sniping - 2 Week ban if done again perma-ban.

We are supposed to open tomorrow but we have our test (alpha) server out tonight.

you can download the mod and find the launcher on our website