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Feuerstellen in 0.61
« am: Freitag, 23.Dez 2016 - 16:31 Uhr »
Spoiler for Verborgen:
Greetings Survivors!

As many of you know, the elements in Chernarus can be a real threat. After going over feedback through the Official Feedback tracker, an issue that presented itself in one of our most recent builds pushed to Steam came to light. The team is currently aware of this, and while investigation is ongoing in regards to a potential hotfix (no promises here!) we wanted all of you whom are adventuring in the wilds of Chernarus to be aware.

Many of the in-home stoves and fireplaces are currently not accepting deposits, and *some* of the open air structures are also not allowing users to light their fires.
While you may experience issues "placing" a fireplace, you can drop it anywhere in the world.
We've compiled a list of example structures that are perfectly safe to light your campfires and stoves inside of, while you're drying off from the rain. (Of course, lighting your fires outside of structures remains perfectly fine)

Kurz: Aktuell  ist das Platzieren von Feuerstellen in 0.61 an vielen Stellen verbuggt. Sowohl an den Kaminen, als auch auf dem Boden. Die Entwickler arbeiten am Problem und haben uns ein paar Beispiele gegeben, wo man sie noch platzieren kann:

Bei Fragen... fragen.