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[FIX] Added missing items and icons
[FIX] Building import through CC tools not working
[FIX] Killfeed in admin panel not working
[FIX] In-game kill messages not working
[FIX] Added functions in dayz_server_config.hpp to dayz files
[FIX] CC Auto updater not working
[FIX] Tent and stashes not saving
[FIX] Other deployables not saving (There is still problem with some of them.)
[FIX] Custom-loadout not working

[NEW] Changed url's to new .org domain
[NEW] Re-added GCAM to mission files
[NEW] Customized server_spawnCrashSite.sqf for easier change of loot tables

[REM] Temp removed carepackages and random wrecks

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