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  • [ADDED] Can now convert engines and fuel tank parts for scrap metal. requires workbench/workshop.
  • [ADDED] Building maintenance: You can now reset the timestamp and damage on base items by using parts like lumber, plywood, and scrap metal.
  • [ADDED] Level 1 Modular building components by Paul Tomany.
  • [ADDED] In-place upgrade system for some base building items like wood doorways > door > locked door.
  • [ADDED] Combination lock by Paul Tomany that has 1% chance to spawn on worker zombies.
  • [ADDED] Swapped some zombies with their 1.7.7 counterparts that are harder to kill.
  • [ADDED] Death/Murder board ui by @maca134.
  • [ADDED] Improved trader menus by @maca134.
  • [ADDED] Lockbox that holds 50 mags, 20, weapons, and 5 backpacks rare spawn on business suit zombie.
  • [ADDED] Added some more bulk supply crates to wholesaler: bulk_ItemTankTrap, bulk_ItemWire, bulk_PartGeneric.
  • [ADDED] Health regeneration! Only if thirst and hunger are above 90% and you are not: in pain, infected, or bleeding (still using placeholder models).
  • [ADDED] Added harvesting of plants: Pumpkins, Sunflower Seeds, and Hemp using right click on hunting knife.
  • [ADDED] Triple H-barrier craft-able with 3x ItemSandbagLarge = ItemSandbagExLarge (Land_HBarrier3_DZ).
  • [ADDED] Unique ID added to vehicle keys used better to identify keys.
  • [ADDED] GPS to armored SUV.
  • [ADDED] Experimental 999,998 custom SQL support thanks to @maca134 (This will not yet be shipped as it needs more testing).
  • [ADDED] Better cleanup methods thanks to dayzero/Tansien
  • [ADDED] Building can now happen anywhere you can control the Z axis with numpad 8 = up numpad = 2 = down and numpad 5 to start building, ESC to cancel, numpad 4 and 6 flip the orientation.
  • [ADDED] Tow truck VIL_asistvan_DZE can tow vehicles that fit within the bounding box of the model.
  • [ADDED] Ability for fuel trucks to fill nearby vehicles 30m when engine is running.
  • [FIXED] Removed repair action from tow truck with VIL_asistvan_DZE.
  • [FIXED] incorrect gold remove option on empty briefcase should have been add x 10.
  • [FIXED] Server side cleanup and time sync was not running.
  • [FIXED] Battleye kicks for CSJ gyro push and rotate options.
  • [FIXED] Issues with buying and selling helicopters at bandit and hero camps.
  • [CHANGED] Updated supply crate model thanks to Paul Tomany.
  • [UPDATED] RF3 Realism weights updated to include new items.
  • [CHANGED] Empty briefcase now has rare chance to spawn on a business suit zombie.
  • [CHANGED] If you are the owner of an object there will be no chance of breaking tools.
  • [CHANGED] fixed pricing on some trader items thanks to @jobster
  • [CHANGED] Removed plot pole requirement to build. Plot pole is still used to prevent others from building and to increase item deconstruction times.
  • [CHANGED] Reduced recipe requirement for canvas to 2 Clothing instead of 4.
  • [CHANGED] Stick Fence recipe changed to not require supply crate.
  • [CHANGED] Crafting recipe for small Camo Nets reduced to 2 x ItemTent and 2 x ItemPole was 4.
  • [CHANGED] Lowered crafting recipe requirements for empty supply crate to 2 x lumber + 1 scrap metal.
  • [CHANGED] Sandbag nest now requires workshop/workbench to craft.
  • [CHANGED] Can now fill empty fuel barrels on standard fuel tanks.
  • [CHANGED] Increased range of crafting from 2m to 3m.
  • [CHANGED] Increased range of power assisted auto refuel from 10m to 30m.
  • [CHANGED] Reworked Epoch events scheduler and made it more accurate.
  • [CHANGED] Recent death board text change to say Recent Murders.
  • [REMOVED] low humanity target heartbeat system.
  • [REMOVED] Road debris no longer spawn loot, helps with performance and we have added extra loot positions in the world.
  • [REMOVED] Automatic humanity uptick if lower than 2500.

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