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Beschreibung: CHANGE LOG
  • [ADDED] New lighting system by axeman that requires a running generator (disabled by default as we need more testing/feedback). To enable uncomment [] execVM "zaddonsdayz_codecompilelocal_lights_init.sqf"; in the mission files init.sqf.
  • [ADDED] Cinder block garage doorway crafted with: 1 empty supply crate + 1 mortar bucket + 3 Cinder blocks piles. Can be upgraded in-place to garage door with 3 x itemPole + 3 x ItemTankTrap. Then upgraded to a locked garage door with the ItemComboLock.
  • [ADDED] Half size Cinder block wall crafted with: 1 empty supply crate + 1 mortar bucket + 3 Cinder blocks piles.
  • [ADDED] Full size Cinder block wall upgrade half wall in-place with 1 mortar bucket + 4 Cinder block piles.
  • [ADDED] Cinder blocks and Mortar Bucket (Industrial), lumber (Farm), and plywood (Residential, Office) packs by Paul Tomany.
  • [ADDED] ItemComboLock as a spawn chance to police officer.
  • [ADDED] Added one missing tree type for wood harvesting.
  • [ADDED] Isla Duala traders with city's by
  • [ADDED] Wood walls can now in-place upgrade to a wall with window.
  • [FIXED] Missing bio meat can model.
  • [FIXED] Incorrect class returned when crafting stairs with supports.
  • [FIXED] Fixed worker zombies did not have correct loot table that included ItemComboLock.
  • [FIXED] Tents not dropping items when packed.
  • [FIXED] Pushed down some text output that was under the gear menu.
  • [FIXED] Players no longer get teleported out of moving vehicles. Server admins can also now override the settings of this with DZE_teleport = [1000,2000,500,200,800] in init.sqf.
  • [FIXED] fixed packed tents floating when packed on top of another object with roadway.
  • [CHANGED] Lights are now off by default to facilitate axeman's new lighting system.
  • [CHANGED] Building keys changed: PgUp = raise, PgDn = lower, Q or E = flip 180, and Space-Bar to start building.
  • [CHANGED] Custom building keys can be set: User15 = raise, User16 = lower, User17 = flip 180, User18 = flip back, and User19 = build.
  • [CHANGED] Crafting 1/4 wood floor now requires only 3 lumber and 3 plywood.
  • [CHANGED] Building preview now allows 50 seconds instead of 45.
  • [CHANGED] Pitching a tent now requires 1 stage to build.
  • [CHANGED] Most construction times for modular building now takes 3 stages.
  • [CHANGED] Added back PKILL server log on death.
  • [CHANGED] Instance 17 Chernarus mission files as they are incomplete used instance 11 files instead.
  • [CHANGED] Crafting will now process all available items with one click. Move to cancel at any time.
  • [REMOVED] Building wood gate option from lumber.

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