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  • [UPDATED] Takistan traders/cities. Added "Black Market" vendor. Moved traders around in Garm. Moved Hero Vendor in Kush.
  • [UPDATED] Improved Lighting System by Axeman
  • [UPDATED] Changed workbench textures to use same texture assets as all other lumber/plywood.
  • [UPDATED] Crafting system updated, now supports crafting weapons and with weapons.
  • [ADDED] Epoch Event: Supply drops with building supplies.
  • [ADDED] Modular base building wreck models by Paul Tomany. You can remove these to obtain a small amount of materials back.
  • [ADDED] Sledgehammer toolbelt/melee weapon Paul Tomany (ItemSledge) that can be crafted from a handle (farm spawn) and hammer head (worker zombie).
  • [ADDED] Metal floor metal_floor_kit > MetalFloor_DZ Recipe: bulk_empty x 1 + ItemCorrugated x 2 + ItemPole x 4 + ItemTankTrap x 2 requiretools: ItemToolbox, ItemCrowbar, ItemSledge
  • [ADDED] New optional version of Chernarus trader citys by Axle. To use copy mission.sqf, mission.sqm, and server_traders.sqf from DayZ_Epoch_17.Chernarus to DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus
  • [ADDED] Model and icon for kilo of hemp by Paul Tomany.
  • [ADDED] Updated rbull and orange sherbet soda cans by Paul Tomany
  • [ADDED] Smaller cinder block doorway/door (cinder_door_kit = CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ) recipe: CinderBlocks x 4 + MortarBucket + ItemTankTrap
  • [ADDED] cinder_door_kit CinderWallSmallDoorway_DZ upgrades with ItemPole + ItemTankTrap to CinderWallDoorSmall_DZ then upgraded to CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ with a combination lock.
  • [ADDED] st_bunnyhop by ShackTac
  • [ADDED] Building count limit default is 150 and can be changed with DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; in the init.sqf
  • [ADDED] Weights for the itemkeykit and itemsledge meleesledge to Rf3 realism.
  • [ADDED] Added missing trader items: Skin_SurvivorW3_DZ, 4 missing backpack types, bulk crate of scrap metal.
  • [FIXED] Crafting now displays that item was crafted before going to next loop.
  • [FIXED] All Tents should now pack properly.
  • [FIXED] Fixed improper item output with new auto crafting from
  • [FIXED] Changed destruction type on wood walls to prevent vehicles from running them over with little to no damage.
  • [CHANGED] Removed DMR spawn and replaced with M4SPR.
  • [CHANGED] Reduced default zombie counts by half was 30 now 15 per player. Also reduced global zed count increase per player within 400m from 10 to 5.
  • [CHANGED] Cinder Block walls armor reduced from 1600 to 1000.
  • [CHANGED] If a plot pole is used only the owner and tagged friends can upgrade in-place.
  • [CHANGED] Tents now have a lower chance to spawn one of the three tent types.
  • [CHANGED] Lowered construction count on tank traps to 1 was 3.
  • [CHANGED] Server config.cfg now uses reportingIP = ""; by default.
  • [CHANGED] All missions description.ext changed to allow side chat by default.
  • [CHANGED] Increased chance to find a lockbox on business suit zombie.
  • [REMOVED] old dayz combat roll in favor of st_bunnyhop.

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