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  • All pbo's have now been binarized as this will increase performance and stability.
  • Panthera Updates to Traders/Markers/Triggers. @Axle
  • All private arrays updated. @vbawol

  • Transparency issues with cinder blocks when ATOC enabled. @sequisha
  • missing rvmat for combo lock. @sequisha
  • Prevent packed tent bags and removed items from sinking into ground.
  • Duplicate entry in loot magazines. @dayz10k
  • Prevent unpacking non existing supply crates. @Panadur
  • Prevent setdamage on NWAF benches if map is not chernarus. @vbawol
  • More text now outputs display name instead of class names. @vbawol
  • Wood and Cinder doors now use variables from Static class and now are treated like a building (no radar). @vbawol
  • Can no longer start building process while in a vehicle. @dayz10k
  • Locked boats now disallow gear access. @dayz10k
  • Spawn ItemMatchbox_DZE instead of ItemMatchbox. @dayz10k
  • Building upgrades/downgrades now correctly only work if your the owner or friend of a plot pole. @vbawol
  • Missing semicolon in document. @Axeman
  • Fixed incorrect value in SQL for bicycle. @nahkiss
  • Was unable to build fuel pump due to error in code. @ctcDNightmare
  • Error in push to talk detection code. @vbawol
  • "No transport" errors from intro. @vbawol
  • Heli crash spawner and supply drops now prevent from spawning near vehicles or bases.
    Fixes: @vbawol

  • Light fog/sandstorm effect. @vbawol
  • Vehicle purchases and item removals now log server side the player that performs the action.
  • Added ability to force on or off name tags. DZE_ForceNameTagsOff disables name tags. DZE_ForceNameTags does not give the player an option and just enables name tags.
  • Caribou Frontier support with trader cities @Axle
  • Can now throw toilet paper. @dayz10k
  • Can now remove a camo net by right clicking on your toolbox when within 10m of a camo net. @vbawol
  • Setdate experiment: only perform setdate command client side if date and time is off by more than a minute. This may help reduce the number of setdate calls that can cause lag. @vbawol
  • New play WithSIX bikeys for CAA1. @vbawol
  • Dynamically detect and count spawn# markers to ensure markers exist before using. spawnMarkerCount variable is now only used as a max spawn count limiter. @vbawol

  • Slightly reduced loot pile item counts. @vbawol
  • Added some default vars to init.sqf @Skaronator
  • Marksman skin (Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ) now uses the old favorite hero model from dayz. @vbawol

  • Modern Civilian vehicles pack removed due to permission issues.
  • Mod that added zeroing and iron sights removed weapons_a2ru.pbo removed as it was causing inverted SD physics.
    Fixes: @vbawol
  • Completly removed sigisolda pbo and updated all mission.sqm files to remove from addons array. @vbawol
  • Removed all gdtmod_plants2_* pbos as they might be causing issues. gdtmod_grass should be fine and will still give fps boost. @vbawol

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