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Beschreibung: CHANGE LOG

  • Proper mission file support and bikeys for SMD Sara A2
  • In game clarification on modular removal: you cannot delete locked doors, you must remove the lock first. @dayz10k
  • Added updated setDamage exception to battleye scripts.txt. @vbawol
  • Built in antihack enabled by default via mission init.sqf. @facoptre
  • Added Czech localization Credits: GeodarCZ, Brovns, Doomscythe
  • DZE_requireplot override variable added. DZE_requireplot = 0; in init.sqf disables plot pole requirement to build. @vbawol
  • Bell 47/H-13 Helicopter by hcpookie

  • Incorporated DayZ CE skin changing routines for melee weapons and add back actions after skin changes. @dayz10k
  • Proper stringtables (options) on SkinBase craftables (bandages, canvas) @dayz10k
  • Optimized RoadFlare/chemlight JIP code to use only one allMissionObjects call instead of two. @vbawol
  • dayz_minpos was incorrectly set to 0 for chernarus and should have been -1 or less. @vbawol
  • Fixed some typos in Sahrani mission files. @vbawol
  • Removed radar from GAZ Vodnik. @dayz10k
  • Incorrect call compile paths for tavi traders.
  • Armored SUV DZ had incorrect max weapon count. @vbawol
  • Fixed two createvehicle calls for weapon spawn_loot. @Torndeco
  • Building count limiter was using wrong position command now uses correct one. @vbawol
  • Fire requirement for crafting can now be used off the ground without issues. @vbawol

  • setdamage.txt fixes for hatched/chainsaw - scripts.txt and publicVariable.txt updated. @infiSTAR
  • Increased chances for silver and gold mine veins.@vbawol
  • Lower plank pack spawn chance raise sledge handle and fishing pole chances in farm spawns. @vbawol
  • Must drop backpack or filled chainsaw before you can change clothes. @vbawol
  • Removed 10m check for nearby players when changing clothes. @vbawol
  • Null cleanup was not working as intended disabled by default needs further testing. @vbawol
  • Lower zombie attack range and made static at 2.5m. @vbawol
  • Restructured server files. @vbawol

  • Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • Special thanks to for hosting our development server.

  • Many unneeded diag_log calls removed.

Bell 47/H-13 Helicopter:

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Freitag, 13.Dez 2013 - 20:10 Uhr
Jetzt wissen wir auch, dass Zeds 2,5 Meter lange Arme haben  ;D  (y)