DayZ Epoch 1.0.4
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  • Napf Island v0.99 with permission from #momo# now included by default.
  • Sauerland Map v1.7.00.2 with permission from falconsan now included by default. -
  • Optimized Server/Client Communication with PVS+PVC methods from DayZ Mod 1.8. @Skaronator
  • Modular building spawning now ahead on server start, vehicles spawning after it. @Skaronator @zabn
  • Maintain Area should work now much better. The Server update the Object itself and doesnt remove and rebuild it anymore. @Skaronator
  • Updated Hive Dll to latest from rajkosto and added custom child 396 and 397 call to update the datestamp of base objects. *See notes below! @Tansien @vbawol
  • Trading now makes change and auto combines into the highest denomination. @vbawol

  • Cars, small Trucks, and Boats now able to be lifting with Chinooks only. Lifted vehicle must be unlocked and unmanned. Enabled by default use DZE_HeliLift = false; in init.sqf to disable. @Zabn @vbawol
  • 40% chance to payout a single gem on removal of mine ruins. @vbawol
  • M107_DZ to Military, MilitarySpecial, IndustrialMilitary and Helicrash loottable. @Sequisha
  • MAAWS (rocket launcher) to Helicrash loottable. @Sequisha
  • New enterable building added for Chernarus and other maps. @Sequisha
  • Allow Admins To Customize Loot Spawn Timer using DZE_LootSpawnTimer via init.sqf. Default: 10 @SGanthony
  • Provide option to have loot tables loaded from mission file. DZE_MissionLootTable = true; will look for loot configs via missionConfigFile. @vbawol
  • Added Craftable/Buildable Wood Crate Storage. Recipe 6 x PartWoodLumber = ItemWoodCrateKit. @Mochnant
  • BAF_Merlin_DZE - transportMaxWeapons 15, transportMaxMagazines 150, transportmaxbackpacks 5. @Skaronator
  • Added back BAF_AS50_scoped_DZ configs, still not on traders or loot tables. @vbawol
  • Placing a plot pole now creates a preview of the "safe" build area protected by the plot pole. This is only viewable by the plot owner, will disappear upon logout, and is only re-creatable by re-placing the plot pole. @dayz10k @vos
  • Global variable to allow building on roads with DZE_BuildOnRoads = true; (Default: DZE_BuildOnRoads = false;) @dayz10k
  • Global variable to set plot pole radius and exclusion zone, enabled via mission file. DZE_PlotPole = [x,y] in the mission file controls the [Radius, Exclusion zone]. Default: DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]. @dayz10k @Skaronator
  • Global variable to disable Player Zombies with DZE_PlayerZed = false; (Default: DZE_PlayerZed = true;) @Skaronator

  • Anti-Teleport Log System. @Skaronator
  • Wrong German translations. @Fank
  • Fix medical actions in vehicles. @icomrade
  • Wrong KSVK class spawning on mass graves. @Skaronator via MGT
  • Armor value for RBWheel on SUV was lower than it should have been. @SGanthony
  • Fixed issues with losing weapons when on graves @vbawol -
  • More Localization (translations). @dayz10k, @VeryBigBro (Russian), @JoSchaap (Dutch), @Geodar (Czech), @krazey (German)
  • Fixed incorrect spelling of chainsaw name was horlite needed to be hermlite. @vbawol
  • Remove nearest tranktrap via toolbox not working properly. @dayz10k
  • Lingor trader spawn. @dayz10k @sekra
  • Disappearing of Vault while unlocking. (Need Feedback!) @Skaronator
  • Wrong include in the CfgMagazine file. @Skaronator
  • Crafting a wooden garage door no longer says "Build Fire". @dayz10k
  • You will no longer get a 3 by 3H - barrier cube if you remove a 5H - barrier cube @Skaronator
  • BattlEye kicks for some players on death. @Skaronator

  • Changed currency conversion rates to multiples of 10. @vbawol
  • Drastically increased base building armor levels. Doors now have much higher armor than walls. @vbawol
  • Extended Trader logging and fix for sold itemnames @ctc.Sebi
  • Balance Loot table. @Sequisha
  • Lowered Safe weapon storage count to 25, to address reports of more safe inventory issues after it was raised to 50. @vbawol
  • Prices were reviewed and modified for many of the higher tiered weapons/ammo/vehicles/food. @dayz10k
  • All copper prices have been changed to 2 silver to buy, 1 silver to sell. @dayz10k
  • Radius check for Remove Nearest Camo Net (from 10m to 3m). @dayz10k
  • Loot Improvements (Based on the Feedback of the Server) @Skaronator

  • Copper is no longer a usable currency. Existing copper will remain in game, but has no current use. @dayz10k

  • Updated Hive dll requires DatabaseMySql.dll in arma 2 oa root and visual studio 2013 redistributable x86 installed:
  • Removed dayz_vb.bikey and dayz.bikey keys and added new version ed dayz_epoch104.bikey key. Thanks to @Tansien for the suggestion. @vbawol
  • Also moved external bikeys to sub folder, for best security use only the bikeys for the map your running.
  • pook_H13_amphib, GNT_C185F and GNT_C185E causes Server FPS issues and should not be used.

  • Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • Special thanks to for hosting our development server.

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