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  • Base Building Godmode is now included. Use DZE_GodModeBase = true; to enable it. (Disabled by Default) @Skaronator
  • Config based trader setup option that is more performant, however does not track inventory. DZE_ConfigTrader = true; and #include "dayz_epoch_bCfgServerTradercfgServerTrader.hpp" in description.ext @Fank @Skaronator @vbawol

  • Static build construction count will force the constructioncount to number set by DZE_StaticConstructionCount = # in init.sqf. @Fank
  • Stacking of 10oz silver bars into briefcases, also traders now give this as change if return is 2-9 10oz silver bars. @vbawol
  • Variable DZE_DamageBeforeMaint to control what damage level is needed for the maintain option to appear. @vbawol
  • Keep safe/lockbox vars server side. This should help with performance. @maca134 @Skaronator
  • Added SQL Function DeleteNonKeyVehicles run before server start and SQL event UnlockNonKeyVehicles run once a day. Use one or the other not both. @maca134 @Fank
  • Option to disable R3F weight system. DZE_R3F_WEIGHT = false in init.sqf to disable. @vbawol
  • Added to heli crash code, Blackhawk and Seahawk Wrecks by * [GLT]Myke
  • Added following Config Classes: M113_UN_EP1_DZ M113_UN_EP1_DZE M113_TK_EP1_DZ M113_TK_EP1_DZE BTR90_DZ BTR90_DZE BTR90_HQ_DZ BTR90_HQ_DZE LAV25_DZ LAV25_DZE LAV25_HQ_DZ LAV25_HQ_DZE @Fank

  • Fix init errors, improve antihack. @icomrade
  • Add missing sensor for aircraft dealer on Napf. @JoSchaap
  • Traders now give ItemTinBar in exchange for TrashJackDaniels. @vbawol
  • M107 zeroing was stuck at 500m now set to default settings. @vbawol
  • DZE_DamageBeforeMaint = 0.09 by default should fix issues with maintain option not working when damage is set to 0.1 with SQL event. @vbawol
  • Fix for Death Messages when attacker is in vehicle. @icomrade @vbawol
  • Added missing DZE fueltracks to DZE_fueltrackarray. @Fank
  • Fix AI from being counted as zeds. @jwo7777777
  • Issue with Scaffolding being too close and killing player. @Fank
  • Stuck in infinite trading loop when item is out of stock. @vbawol
  • Fixed backpack disappearing issue. @vbawol
  • Some fixes and optimizing to PVS/PVC system to only send to other players nearby. @vbawol
  • Bleeding was not visible to other players due to typo in new PVS/PVC system. @vbawol
  • Re-classed Land_Ind_Pec_03b to fix ladder errors in log file. @vbawol
  • Issue that prevented the server from starting. @Skaronator
  • Some typos in the loot table. @Skaronator
  • DZE_MissionLootTable - Some things are missing. @vbawol @Skaronator
  • General cleanup and fixes. @Fank @Skaronator @icomrade @vbawol

  • Selling vehicle will now remove the key if you have it on your toolbelt. @Fank
  • R3F weight now in Kg for every language except english. @VeryBigBro
  • Increased trader prices for Armed vehicles and pipebombs. @vbawol
  • Added BAF_Merlin_DZE and MH60S_DZE to traders. @vbawol

  • Trade metals option removed from self actions as it should no longer be needed with new trader code. @vbawol

  • Re-added old trader code for backwards compatibility. @vbawol
  • Moved binaries to root of server files and wrote up basic install upgrade guide. @vbawol

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