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  • BTR90 HQ ride in back option. @Fank
  • Version check for dayz.pbo. @Skaronator
  • Updated dayZ Lighting by Axeman disabled by default, uncomment line in init.sqf to enable. @andgregor
  • Added upgrade in place option for stairs with railings. @Sequisha @vbawol

  • Fix server startup issues when using "CA folder fix" on some A2 and A2 free installs. @icomrade
  • Geomety of wood walls changed to fix players phasing though the wood walls. @Sequisha
  • Completed trade counter was incorrectly returning output count instead of actual number of trades. @vbawol
  • Incremental water bottle had a typo in the picture path. fixes: @vbawol
  • second attempt at fixing kill messages from vehicles. @icomrade
  • remove setdamage 0 on godmode/indestructible base objects so they can be maintained. @vbawol
  • Fixed error in expression when removing buildings. @Fank
  • Was possible to fill a mixed gas with an empty jerry can. @Fank
  • Fixed undefined variables s_player_tamedog and dayz_myLiftVehicle. @Fank @vbawol
  • Typo in server_traders.sqf for Napf, Sauerland, and panthera. @vbawol

  • Old Towngenerator Config. @Skaronator

  • Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • Special thanks to for hosting our development server.

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Dienstag, 03.Jun 2014 - 15:02 Uhr
Sicherlich angenehmer wäre es wenn die archive in tgz vormat vorliegen würden oder bz2