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Namalsk v0.741 für DayZ
« am: Montag, 04.Mär 2013 - 18:07 Uhr »
Hier der aktuelle changelog von v0.741

Release [v0.741]


Changed: Needed files were updated for DayZMod

Changed: G36K -> G36K_camo and G36a -> G36A_camo in loot tables to support multiple sights feature, which are only available in OA variants (*_camo), thanks to Dr.Zed for this suggestion!

Changed: Minor changes / additions to the loot tables of Namalsk to reflect DayZMod's changes (Added machete, changed crossbow, added new types of food, trash, FoodMRE & FoodNutmix to some military loot tables (rare occurence))

Fixed: Loot table loading, no-sniper or no-er7 schemes should once again work now


Changed: BE filters to counter spam/kicks (scripts.txt), created by newest changes in DayZMod & DayZ Namalsk

Changed: Updated dayz_server.pbo and its files for DayZMod