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Devblog 188
« am: Mittwoch, 06.Dez 2017 - 19:44 Uhr »


Add ignite and extinguish sounds to campfire and furnace
Add turn on and turn off sounds to the ceiling light
Added worldmodel outlines
Lots of misc sound tweaks and polish
EAC SDK update
Stricter dropbox placement
Python is now skinnable
Reduced aim sway on semi auto weapons
Finalized recoil design for semi auto weapons
Grenades pinpull and throw happens much faster
Stance recoil only active when moving or after first shot
Grenades always throw at max velocity (farther)
Fix dark sign painting UI
Fixed reflections on hair shader
Fixed tree minigame X appearing too low
Fixed thompson having too much aimcone
Fixed delay/jitter of mounted objects
Fixed weird satchel behavior
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