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Changelogs für version 2.0
« am: Freitag, 21.Dez 2012 - 05:20 Uhr »
•All of the reported issues (that did not relate to the base Taviana map, which is out of our control) have been acted on.
 •The Maule M7 (by Rocket, with improvements by Icebreakr) has been included and tweaked to work on recent versions of BattlEye and the Bliss BattEye filters.
 •The V-22 Osprey has been enabled.
•The UAZ with the DSHKM machine gun has been enabled, along with a low magazine and very low magazine count version. The very low magazine count will be added as a rare spawn to the Bliss spawn table. Thanks to Graz on OpenDayz for inspiring us to add low magazine versions for game balance.
 •The GAZ Vodnik and GAZ Vodnik MedEvac amphibious have been enabled, and low magazine and very low magazine versions of the GAZ Vodnik have been enabled. The GAZ Vodnik MedEvac will be added to the default spawn list.
 •The Kamaz, Kamaz Open, and Kamaz Refuel have been enabled.
•The Repair Ural and Kamaz Repair have been enabled but have not been added to the default spawn list. Server administrators can add these vehicles if they wish to.
 •The HMMWV Ambulance has been enabled, with healing disabled.
•A version of the C130J without radar has been added, and will replace the current C130J in the default spawn list. The C130J with radar will still be available for server administrators to add.
 •Support for server administrators to modify or completely disable the dynamic weather system has been added.
 •The area that is searched for trees has been increased to allow harvesting wood in sparse forest areas, such as those directly adjacent to the cities. Previously harvesting was possible in the larger forests only.
 •The issue where players would be in the swimming position when spawning in is fixed.
 •The default world position has been overridden and moved to land so that if DayZ fails to find a safe position players will not spawn in the water.
 •A small number of the 68 custom building loot position tables have been tweaked, mainly to add upper floor loot positions. The Sabina Art Museum, Sabina Library, red hospitals, multi-story malls, and schools now have more loot.
 •The loot probability in the custom Taviana diners and restaurants has been substantially increased.
 •A specific main menu icon has been added.
•BattlEye script filters will be supplied to the Bliss team for addition to the script, to avoid any script kicks.